It’s About Time with Amit Dev Handa

Episode 143- A conversation with Kingsley 1945 Founder and Designer, Ramon Kingsley

May 6, 2017

In this episode, Amit features a conversation with the designer and founder of Kingsley 1945 Watches, Ramon Kingsley.  To hear Amit's original interview with Ramon Kingsley from back in September of 2014, click here. TO hear Amit's second interview with Ramon Kingsley, click here. This episode is being sponsored by Cape Cod Polishing Cloth. It's the only cloth that cleans, polishes and protects for under $20! When you order your metal polishing cloth kit please enter the promo code "watch" at checkout & get free shipping for a limited time. Click HERE  to order your Cape Cod metal polishing cloth kit today!  Amit would love to help you with all your watch needs. He does charge a $150 consulatation fee. This fee is for his time. However if you purchase a watch through Amit within a year, he does apply the $150 towards the purchase of a watch.